Candlelite Inn Keeps Getting Greener
Certification is here - Green Lodging Michigan Partner

After months of fine tuning, researching and creatively becoming even "greener", I sent our materials off to Lansing to the Green Lodging Program, completed the process, and in 2008 Candlelite Inn Bed & Breakfast became a certified Green Lodging Michigan Partner.

Green Lodging Michigan is a joint program that has been set up by Michigan's Energy Office and the Department of Environmental Quality. It is designed to promote Green Lodging throughout the state by encouraging Michigan hospitality facilities to adopt "green" practices. This is a voluntary program establishing environmental guidelines for the travel industry to conserve natural resources and to prevent pollution. Many states still have not adapted similar programs, so when online researching ways to be eco friendly, we were very excited to come across Green Lodging Michigan and promptly put in an application.

Currently, there are a total of approximately sixty hotels, motels, inns and bed and breakfasts in the state of Michigan who are certified, and about the same amount  are currently working on their certification. Candlelite Inn was the first bed and breakfast in the Ludington area to go through the process to be certified with Michigan Green Lodging.  We have had a number of eco friendly practices in place since we first opened five years ago, and we are continuing to educate ourselves, and to read those labels while shopping.

Here are some helpful and easy green hints that will have everyone feeling good!

Hang up those towels and use them more than once

Each of our showers (even our own) contains a dispenser for shampoo and bath and body wash.

Purchase items in bulk

Avoid using disposable plates and paper napkins and single serving items.  We don't just use the fine china here for special occasions. Our guests enjoy it every day.

Buy "green" cleaners and avoid detergents including dishwasher detergent containing phosphates  (We use Palmolive's Eco - Gel Dishwasher Detergent, as so many have harmful phosphates.)

Buy local and organic products and produce.

Love those long lasting light bulbs, especially in hard to reach fixtures.

Recycyle batteries, bottles, cans, glass, bags, paper, etc,

Other bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, inns, hotels, etc. can recycle soaps and shampoos (sort separately)

Send used soaps and shampoos to: Clean The World
8026 Sunport Drive Suite 306 Orlando, Florida 32809

Candlelite Inn guests will find wicker baskets on the enclosed front porch for recycling soda cans and plastic water bottles, and the inn kitchen is always open for guests to help themselves to chilled water and ice through the refrigerator  door dispenser.

Purchase reuseable canvas and organic bags for your groceries and take back any extra plastic white bags to Meijers or your grocery store for recycling.  Here is a very distressing fact that sent me running out to buy more reuseable bags which are kept in each of our vehicles. It is reported that there are approximately 46,000 pieces of bioplastic floating around in each square mile of ocean. This includes plastic bags, drink bottles, takeaway containers and 6-pack holders. Throughout the world, plastic kills up to 1 million sea birds, 100,000 sea mammals and countless fish every year. I also read somewhere else that only about 5% of plastic bags are even being recycled at this time.

Plant trees and perennials

Use more mulch and if you water, do so in the morning or evenings

Reuse scrap and computer paper

Turn off computers and electronics when not in use

So many of our guests are avid walkers, hikers, bikers, and cyclers. The Candlelite Inn garage is always open for our guests' items.


Reduce           Reuse           Recycle   



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